Update-Dialysis January 2017

My fistula clotted on a Sunday morning early, early. Since I had to wait to Monday morning, I had quite along wait to contact vascular surgery. I was in misery the entire time the radiologist tried to declot my fistula. They could not get an IV in so the doctor was giving me meds into the fistula area and it was just carrying away. It had me up over my pain threshold. I was crying and screaming for him to stop torturing me four hours into it all. Tuesday morning I was invited back to get a chest catheter. Basically I am all right. I ache all the time in my shoulder due to the bleed the doctor caused trying to declot the fistula, plus the catheter being almost on top of it. I am also chronically cold now all the time.

Update February 1

Things are better. I am feeling better.  I have an appointment for vein study and ballooning on Feb 6th.  This time real meds will be given tome, I hope.

Update Feb 6, 2018

They managed to give me enough meds to balloon the area under my arm that was causing problems in my fistula.