Here I am again. Sorry for not posting weekly for so long. I lost access to the dashboard and was not able to post anything or do anything. Luckily my tech person fixed the plug ins and deactivated the one that prevented the site from coming up forme. Whew. WordPress!

I am back. I am fine. Moved to Tucson, AZ. This is abeautiful place and I feel mre at home here than anywhere else I have lived even without most of our furniture. Our house in Rialto is in escrow. We found a three bedroom house here that is pretty and livable. Wait till our stuff gets here then we will bebbusy organzing things.

I am getting a chair back in anocturnal cente rin aout a week or so. It will be with a Davita center. Can’t wait to get my days back during the week and can work five days a week instead of cramming it into two days and some of the weekend. I am learning to take the weekend off in order to keep from working all the time.

Remember dialysis to live!